Monday, June 2, 2008

Five Months Old!


You are five months old today!  Coincidentally, this is also your Aunt Elsa's 20th birthday (don't worry, I signed your name on her card).  As I write this, you are playing happily in your exersaucer, a toy that you have come to really cherish.  You try to put each and every one of the multicolored objects around you in your mouth.  Who cares if it's cloth or plastic?  If it's within arms grasp, you will try to eat it (or at least slobber on it a whole bunch).

You are such a contented baby, and your level of happiness seems to grow with every passing week.  When I think back to those first few weeks when you would scream for no good reason at all (or so it seemed), I am so glad that your temperament is so pleasant now.  I remember actually asking the pediatrician when you would be both awake and happy - how far we have come!  You are making more noises all the time, and you discovered how fun it is to squeal in a really high pitched voice.  You also like to blow bubbles, and often resort to this when you're bored and there is nothing better to do.  I think you are starting to babble conversationally too, because you will be quiet when I talk to you and then try to talk when I'm done.

Another thing on your list of likes is being outside.  We take walks almost every night - either in the baby bjorn or your stroller - and you love to watch everything as we go by.  You also really like to watch your daddy shoot baskets, and we often pass you back and forth as we attempt a game of horse after dinner.

You and Oscar have finally started to bond as well, and you will reach for him whenever he's around.  When you first came home, Oscar was afraid of you - well, more accurately, the loud crying you produced - and now he seems to tolerate you, and even be mildly curious about you.  Your daddy and I joke that he's finally earning his keep because he'll keep you entertained, even if only for a couple of minutes.

You aren't now, nor have you ever been, a cuddly baby.  No, you are way too squirmy to sit still long enough for that!  I think you get that from your daddy.  When you weren't feeling well last week you would just sit in my arms forever, and though I enjoyed having you there, I'm happy to see you back to your normal self now.  You also are really trying hard to both crawl and sit by yourself.  You look quite like a fish on dry land when you try to crawl, thrashing your arms and legs to no avail, but I trust you'll figure it out soon.  You also sit for the briefest of times on your own, before tumbling sideways or backwards (don't worry, we always catch you!).

Happy five months!




  1. this is such a cute entry, Sarah! Happy 5 months, Emily!

  2. Aww, what a sweetheart. Happy POW!

  3. Ohhhhh...five months old! It is such a sweet time, isn't it? They aren't quite mobile....yet they are right on the cusp and realize it! So cute!

    Fantastic POW!

  4. Thanks for for the comments everyone! It is indeed a pretty fun time, and even though I look forward to Emily being even bigger and doing even more fun things, I'm trying to enjoy the time we have together now because as everyone keeps telling me, "they grow up SO fast"!