Monday, August 31, 2009


One of my favorite things as a parent thus far has been watching Emily learn new things, and master new skills. She's so proud of herself, and it's fun to know that every month, she can do things that she couldn't do just a few weeks ago. Today we got out the wooden puzzles again; they hadn't been used much lately. Earlier this summer, Emily could match up the pictures well enough, but couldn't quite ever get the pieces in. Today, not a problem! She not only matched the pictures, but would twist and turn them until it fit right in (or occasionally ask for help if she got too frustrated). She completed six puzzles in under ten minutes while also making all the animal sounds and having the kangaroo hop all over the floor (because I could never think of a noise for him)! It's the small things sometimes, isn't it?

P.S. Yes, Emily is wearing pants and a long sleeved t-shirt because it was 45 degrees when we woke up this morning. In August. Yikes!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Emily's friend Reuben came over the other night while their mothers went out to book club together. Thanks to the church down the street, Plymouth Heights CRC, Emily and Reuben enjoyed a special kids carnival. They watched the ducks:

and pet the rabbits.

When they went inside the rabbit pen, Reuben nervously tried to pet one, while Emily frantically tried to climb the gate when a small bunny "attacked" her.

Reuben also got downright giddy about petting the chicks:

After some riding some big wheels, watching the dunk tank, and drawing with chalk:

it was time for the duck pond and a wagon ride home:

The end.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Camping 2009

Last weekend was the second annual Alpha 11 reunion camping trip.  Josh and I drove down to Salt Fork State Park for three nights of camping with Brandon and Peter.  Although we had to endure hot, humid weather and some buckeye fans as neighbors, we still had a great time.   We even learned lessons from last year's stay at Raccoon Creek State Park.  Our first night as we were almost asleep, Brandon sat bolt upright in bed, and announced "guys, they're here!".  He was of course referring to raccoons.  We quickly jumped out of the tent and scared away what must have been one or two raccoons, a big improvement over last year when they stole hot dog buns and marshmallows and then taunted us from the trees while eating them.

Besides besting the coons, we enjoyed Hosak's cave:

excellent food, including fire-grilled pizzas:

large campfires:

trying to take pictures with the camera's timer:

as well as bocce ball, frisbee, swimming, basketball, general camaraderie, and our teams quadrathlon competition (stay tuned for more details on that).

One of the few things we didn't enjoy was Josh getting stung by a bee.  Despite the intense pain, Josh remained upbeat and calm the whole time, confident in the abilities of the two nurses present.  This may have been a mistake, since our specialties are not bee stings, but ICU and pediatric ER.  The treatment plan discussion went something like this:

Josh: Forsooth, a bee has stung my foot!
Eric: Maybe his airway is swelling, let's intubate!
Peter: Look at the size of those veins, I could get a 16 gauge IV in there!
Brandon: Let's put some pancake mix on it!

Having no other supplies at hand, we went with the pancake mix:

Overall, a great time was had by all, and we are already looking forward to next year.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nineteen Months Old!


You turned nineteen months old yesterday, inching your way closer to the day when I'll be able to count your age in years instead of months.  As it is, I somehow thought you were turning twenty months old today, until I looked at our last post and realized my error.  We're having a good summer together as a family.  It's been busy, but at the same time also relaxing and tons of fun.  This month, you spent some time with grandma Ruth, pap pap Barry and aunt Elsa, while your dad and I went to New York City with our good friends Peter and Susan.  It was hard being away from you for almost a week, but it was good for us, I think.  I sure had fun seeing you at the airport waiting for me when we got back!

You've got such a strong personality, Emily, and if I could learn at the rate that you do, I'd be the smartest human on the planet by now.  It seems like every few days you have a new word, a new game, learn a new animal sound, etc.  Your favorite things to do now are watch Elmo videos on youtube, which you request to do at least five times per day and I consent to at least twice, take walks down our street, have a "nack" (snack), carry your "arf" around (stuffed puppy dog), and read any touch and feel book.  You're able to identify me, your dad, and yourself in pictures.  You can identify Grover's feet or Spot's eyes.  The way you say your own name just melts my little heart.  You've also started asking "why" but I'm not certain that you fully understand that you're asking something.  I'll tell you it's time to change your diaper, you'll ask why, I'll tell you because it's dirty, you'll ask why, I'll tell you because you ate too many beans, you'll ask why, and on and on we go.  I think you like saying why because it keeps the conversation going, and I keep talking to you, which is pretty sweet.

You're still as busy as ever.  You don't stay still.  At all.  But, in general, you're pretty happy.  You still like to be wherever we are, and do whatever we're doing.  And you're still most contented whenever everyone in a room is paying attention to you.  But it's so, so easy to get you to smile.  And you've been sleeping like a champ.  I don't want to jinx myself here, but after months and months of fighting naps, there have been more than one occasion where you've looked right at me, said "nigh nigh" and then settled right in to sleep after a quick song and some cuddling.  Let's keep that up, okay?  You are so much happier when you're well rested.  And for the record, that means we all are.

I love you little one.  Thanks for being my sweet little girl.