Friday, June 13, 2008

10 Things I've Learned About Emily

Though it's only been five and a half months, I've learned a whole lot about what makes this little girl tick! Here are some of my observations:

1. She loves being on her tummy. When she was only about a week old, she would try and roll on her side to sleep. We eventually got a sleep positioner - a device to help her rest on her back - but once she was able to roll from her back to her tummy, there was no stopping her from playing and sleeping like this as much as possible. And, at just over five months, she even scooches around a bit (mostly backwards) on all fours!

2. She's going to be one active toddler. She doesn't like to sit still very much, and won't cuddle unless she's a) really, really tired or b) really sick.

3. She's really interested in her surroundings. When I'm holding her, she has to be facing out so she can see everything. She'll even push my cheek away if I'm trying to hug her because she isn't able to look at all the fascinating things in the living room that she's already seen about 200 times. Sigh.

4. She prefers to get her sleep at night. I'm a big fan of sleep; I'd get nine hours a night if I could. Thankfully, Emily's been sleeping 9+ hours most nights since she was eight weeks old. Naps however, are a different story. Some days, she could take or leave anything lasting longer than 45 minutes. But, I know there are people with more sorrowful napping woes than me so I choose to be thankful!

5. She's a darn cute baby. And I know I am her incredibly biased mother, but I can't go out in public without someone expressing (often in a high pitched voice) how adorable she is. I thank them and tell them I agree wholeheartedly.

6. Our pediatrician has a theory that babies are either grunters of spitters, and Emily has definitely done her fair share of spitting up since she exited my womb and began taking bottles. It has never seemed to bother her much, but I've had to do a considerable amount of laundry because of it, and I've come to really appreciate changing bibs as opposed to whole outfits.

7. She is one of the most social babies I've ever come across. Doesn't matter who it is, but if someone smiles at her, she smiles back and is endlessly entertained just by looking at faces. This makes it really easy to take her on errands, especially when she can people watch from the comfortable (for her, not my aching back) perch of her baby bjorn.

8. She's a mixture of her parents, and other family members. Some babies come out looking exactly like a miniature version of one of their parents. Emily though, has features of both of us. She definitely has my big eyes, Eric's general face shape, and several people have said she looks like my sister or Eric's grandmother. She's a hybrid! I just hope she gets her daddy's long legs!

9. She gets bored easily at home. Toys of any kind can only entertain this child for a few minutes at a time, and then she begins to make her fussy cry sounds. It's as if she's asking us, "Do you really think a rattle with only six colors and three textures is going to be all that stimulating for me?" So, we take lots of walks and do lots of errands together.

10. She has the ability to melt her daddy's heart like nothing I've ever seen. The other day Eric was just completely devastated when he rushed home from work to find Emily already asleep for the night. And, though it takes a lot to get Eric out of bed and moving in the morning, her cries and coos from her crib can occasionally do it. Then he'll bound back into our bedroom and exclaim "you should have SEEN the SMILE she gave me when she saw me"! Your daddy loves you, peanut, and so do I.

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