Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So long, tummy time!

I've mentioned before that Sophie isn't a big fan of being on her stomach for any amount of time. Still, I've persisted in giving her small quantities of tummy time whenever she'll tolerate it, even this past week when we've been fighting the evil, nasty virus. But it looks like that is a thing of the past because Sophie has learned how to consistently turn from her stomach to her back. Generally this maneuver is called rolling over, but to me, it looks more like Sophie has figured out how to throw her giant head around in order to achieve the desired effect. And she does it pretty much the second you place her on her stomach. I had to reposition her three times just to be quick enough to capture this milestone on camera. So long, tummy time!

Untitled from Eric Plantinga on Vimeo.

Monday, March 28, 2011


ME: Hey Emily, do you know what's going to happen next time we go to church?
EMILY: What?
ME: Baby Sophie is going to be baptized! Do you know what that means?
ME: That means baby Sophie is going to be welcomed into God's family.
EMILY: [slightly sad] Oh. But I just want to be in God's family too.
ME: Well, you know what Emmy? You're already in God's family, because you were baptized too!
EMILY: [giggling] That's excited!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The One Where Emily Wants to Sing!

Sophie's been a little sick recently, and I must have not been lavishing Emily with enough attention because yesterday she said "Mom, I can sing!  I can sing Keeping My Eyes on Jesus!  Want to make a video?!"  It added a little entertainment to my day!

Emily Sings Keeping My Eyes on Jesus from Eric Plantinga on Vimeo.


Emily Sings Twinkle Twinkle from Eric Plantinga on Vimeo.

Sophie's First Haircut

I just walked back into the room where Emily and Sophie are hanging out, and the following conversation ensued:

Emily: Oh, hi Daddy!
Me: Hi, Emmy
Baby Sophie: coo
Emily: (excitedly) I just gave Baby Sophie a little haircut, Daddy!
Me: Oh! That's interesting, Emily, why did you do that?
Emily: Because she didn't already have a haircut yet today.
Me: Oh, I see. Well, Emily....[insert lesson on appropriate use of scissors]

Fortunately, she only cut one or two hairs that were "sticking out".

Friday, March 18, 2011


Emily and I were just discussing one's calling in life, and she seemed to be getting the idea of how jobs work, so I thought I'd go a little further.

Me: Emily, what does Daddy do? Am I a doctor just like the one baby Sophie visited today?
Emily: No, you're a nesthetist!
Me: Very good Emmy, Daddy takes care of people at the hospital. Emily, what do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor? A nesthetist? A teacher? A bus driver? A fireman?
Emily: Hmmm.......a kitty!

Everyone's gotta have a dream...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Four Months Old!


Four months old already?!  Boy oh boy, time just keeps moving right along.  You're still a happy girl, and are still content to do just about anything.  Your favorite things to do right now are try and stuff every possible object into your mouth, roll onto our side as often as possible, and giggle hysterically when we bounce you up and down or fly you around the room.  Your sister continues to adore you, and I just can't wait until you can actually move around or talk.  If she loves you now, she's going to go completely nuts over you in a few more months.

Your sleeping is going pretty well.  But you have this thing with 45 minute naps.  You almost always wake up 45 minutes into your sleep, whether it be a nap or at night, and cry.  At first I'd rescue you pretty regularly, but then that got old so we moved into a little bit of cry-it-out bootcamp this week.  You're getting better at putting yourself back to sleep now, which is great.  And if you're really struggling, I move you to your swing to finish out your naps.  Keep up the good work.  I anticipate that you'll drop down to three naps soon, and will probably start eating some rice cereal and other foods in the next couple of weeks.  You are still consistently sleeping through the night with no problems, and you and your sister generally wake up around the same time each morning, both bright eyed and ready to start the day.

When we take you to church, we get swarmed by old ladies telling me you are the cutest baby they have every seen.  Truly, they do.  And you probably are.  Cute and content as can be most of the time.  As I said, you enjoy being on your side, but have yet to roll all the way over by yourself regularly.  You've done it once or twice, but I think it was an accident.  My theory on why you're a little slow to master this particular skill is that you don't care enough.  If I put you on your back, you're happy.  If I put you on your tummy, you're now happy too.  There's no reason you need to change anything, so why bother trying to roll?!

Anyway, we love you like crazy Sophie.  Thanks for being a part of our family.



Emily's March Madness Picks

Just in time for the start of today's tournament games, Emily is publishing her 2011 march madness picks. The only help she got was Sarah reading the team names to her, repeating in the opposite order, and asking which one Emily liked (e.g. "Emily, do you want Michigan or Tennessee, Tennessee or Michigan?"). Here are the results of that process:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Expert Picks

As usual, our family is getting excited for NCAA basketball and march madness.  This year, we are getting Emily involved as well.  She has already learned to cheer for Michigan and Pitt, but with a little help she has also filled out her own bracket.  Below are my picks, but stay tuned for picks from our real expert, Emily, complete with upset specials.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On Giving Grace

This morning Sophie and I were running a little late to pick Emily up from preschool.  I'd like to say it was for a good reason, but the truth, plain and simple, is that I was trying to cram in one too many things before going to pick up my little energizer bunny.  Anyway, we got to the church, circled the parking lot, and found it full.  So I parked on the street, vaguely aware that my spot had a meter, but fairly certain that there was no way I'd get a ticket in the short amount of time I was inside.  I was wrong.

My husband will attest to the fact that I'm a fairly reactionary person.  I'm quick to respond to situations with how I feel, rather than always being fair headed and logical, as he is most of the time.   My first reaction was one of disbelief, followed quickly by irritation.  The time on my ticket was 11:29, and since I was fairly certain I parked after 11:30 it means that this person likely watched me somewhat frantically grab Sophie from the car, dash inside, and probably return too, as I was inside a grand total of seven minutes.  This person (who I've decided never had to parent young children) decided to be punitive, rather than forgiving, and I was hopping mad about it.

I began composing a letter in my head that I would send, along with my $5 payment, telling the city of Sewickley that their employee, while technically correct in giving me a ticket, was just plain mean.  He ( I guess I've also decided it was a man...) showed me no leniency.  He watched me frantically trying to successfully master the preschool pick up; trying to carry one child while holding the hand of another child while all the while juggling a back pack, my purse, and dodging questions about what's for lunch, or what we're going to play with at home.  He decided to ticket me anyway.

But then I calmed down a bit and realized that maybe I was wrong.  Maybe he didn't see me *just* leave my car, maybe he didn't see me return a few minutes later, or maybe he did but he believed that anyone breaking the rules deserves a ticket, and that's his prerogative.  Maybe, even though I was annoyed with him for showing me no grace, I would not be showing grace very well either by calling him out in a letter pointing out all the ways - justified or not - that I had been wronged.  I was reading a book last night called Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist, and read this thought on grace: "I don't really trust that people will show me grace.  I don't show it to myself well, and when I'm doing poorly, I don't show it to anyone else well either." and also that grace is "when you finally stop keeping score and when you realize that God never was, that his game is a different one entirely".  Suddenly I became aware of how petty my reaction to the situation was, and how thankful I am that God showers us with His grace so much better than I ever will be capable of.  I guess that's a good lesson to re-learn, even if it cost me $5.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February Projects

Here is a look at what Emily has been up to during the month of February.  The last picture is one of her attempts at writing her name.  I had her trace the letters and then write them on the Valentine we made for Eric.  The only letter she asked for help with (because it's "tricky") was the "M".  She's getting very good at writing her letters!