Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Is there a doctor in the house?

This past weekend, Eric, Emily, and I traveled to Ann Arbor to celebrate with our good friend Jason as he completed his medical residency. Before the ceremony, we enjoyed a lovely afternoon relaxing at Heather and Jason's house with their daughter Anna, our good friends Peter and Susan, and various other friends and family members. Emily enjoyed all the new faces. Here she is exploring the wonders of a hammock with Jason (yes, he's really old enough to be a doctor) and Anna right before her nap.

As the evening approached, we started to get ready for the big event. Susan and I appreciated the chance to get all dressed up since those opportunities are few and far between these days. I even gave myself a manicure and pedicure for the occasion. (And, then I remembered why I don't do this very often. Painted nails, babies, and dishes don't go together very well).

The ceremony - complete with adult conversation, food, and beverages - was very enjoyable. And, it was fun to hear Jason give his speech. In it, he thanked all of the attending physicians for the things they had taught him and listed the qualities he wants to emulate in each of them. I'm quite certain that Jason will have all of the talents and gifts they have and more!

At one point in the evening, I remarked that this would be a great time to need a surgeon - there must have been at least a couple dozen of them in the room, though the setting was lacking the necessary equipment for any sort of procedure. Some of the other highlights were Peter sniffing everyone's cocktails (he has a compulsion to smell things), the vegetarian pasta dish, and a few hours to see Eric as my husband again (and not just my partner in crime in this parenting business).

Congratulations Jason!

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  1. i just noticed Emily's picture photoshopped into your header. LOL! We're gonna miss you around here!