Thursday, April 25, 2013


Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, I go for a run and then let Amy, the instructor of a class entitled "tone and sculpt", spend 60 minutes working my arms, legs, and core. I can't say enough about how this has benefited my running and overall strength.


It has been such a huge blessing to get to know this group of people over the past two years!


Both girls are having fun riding bikes this spring.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


A little Earth Day art made by Emily who also asked how else she could re-use broken crayons today.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Somehow seeing it in writing is making it more real.


Emily isn't always enthused at the mention of playing sports, so I am trying to nurture her love of swimming. She now wants to be the first one to jump in the water.


This game is always super popular at grandma's house.  Who knows how many times Sophie will shout "Crashamunga" during our visit?  I know I lose count quickly!


Emily completed this homework assignment all by herself and declared it "wasn't that hard".


Someone becomes very busy when she visits me at work, repeatedly telling me to be quiet when she is on the phone.


"What do you mean I'm not really cutting the grass?"

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


And our trip to Michigan also enabled us to get our new home inspected and paperwork finalized.  In a couple of months, this will be our new place of residence.


We were super happy to be in town to watch Julia get baptized this weekend.


Our trip to Michigan included lots of play time with cousin Julia.


"Look mommy, she's smiling at me!"


Sophie found a fun spot to hide and grandma and grandpa's house.


Technically this jumps us forward in time a few days, but it's all I'vs got. Gotta love joint naps on car trips!


Emily was quite proud to bring home this certificate for reading a book at school all by herself using the sight words she's learned this spring.


Someone chose to rock these shades all day long.

Monday, April 8, 2013


We had a fantastic race. 10 miles covered in 1:16:17 (7:38 avg. pace).


Gorgeous, sunny day hanging out in DC.


Such a big girl. She's fearless on the playground.


We had to wait for 45 minutes to see the doctor because of yet another ear infection. This was the only reading material in the room.


Emily made this chart with Eric for her '100 Days of school' project.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Emily wore her new Tinker Bell dress to school today. I am not sure I'll be able to convince her to take it off at bedtime.


Sophie made this gem at the YMCA!


Celebrating Christ's resurrection at St. Stephen's on Sunday.  I can't even fully process how much I am going to miss this place.  It's been a HUGE blessing for our family over the past couple of years.


The girls got to do an Easter egg hunt this afternoon.  Sophie wanted to find "all da eggs!!!" and Emily remarked that it was "easier than trick or treating, and I got just as much candy!"


Got to spend most of the day with my sister and mom doing girly things!