Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Sophie!

Dear Sophie,

Two already?!  How did that happen?  Just today I was recounting the story of how we packed up our entire house and moved two states away when you were only three weeks old.  Telling that story makes me feel like superwoman, and also like I might be a teensy bit crazy.  Why would someone voluntarily do that?  But I digress.  When I was talking about that time period, it didn't seem all that long ago.  Yet when I look at you, in all of your spirited, toddler glory, there is no denying that you no longer even remotely resemble that newborn who travelled to Pittsburgh with us two years ago.

Sophie, let me begin by saying that you possess a lively spirit.  All someone has to do is look in your eyes - at the way they positively glow when you smile, or when you're being chased, or when you have just stolen something that you know you shouldn't have - and your exuberance for life is abundantly clear.  But this spirit also means you have a strong opinion on, well, almost everything.  At home, you're not shy about letting us know when you feel something is not going your way.  Oh the squealing sounds that you can make!  I feel certain they would rival a stuck pig.  In other people's care, though, you seem to be slightly more amiable.  At church, where you play three morning a week while I work, they ADORE you.   They tell me of your kindness, your empathy, your intelligence, and your enthusiasm.  And I believe them, for I have seen these things too.  But they do not believe me when I mention the squealing, Sophie Grace.

You never stop, and while I know people say this about most little kids, it seems even more true for you.  You conquer physical feats that continue to surprise and amaze me; walking down steps with no railing, climbing up slides, hanging from tree branches, turning every curb into your personal balance beam, outrunning kids older than yourself, and once, climbing out of your crib when you were not happy about being placed there for a timeout.  Thankfully, that feat has not been repeated.  I will not be at all surprised if you excel in a variety of sports later in life, my little monkey.  You love to sing, to dance, to jump (you'll follow me around sometimes, saying "I hopping!" over and over again), to color, to swing, to read.  But most of all, you love to do whatever your sister is doing.  You're learning about sharing, though we've got a long ways to go.

Some of my favorite things about you are the way you'll read books with me, almost always finishing a sentence if I stop.  I love the concern that you show when anyone else is upset, frequently being the first to comfort your sister.  I love the way you sing every word of "Silent Night" and "Jesus Loves Me" with me when I am putting you to sleep.  I love that you sleep almost twelve hours at night and still usually take a two hour nap during the day.  I love that you have a passion for footwear, often changing your shoes several times a day before settling on yellow and pink polka dot rain boots.  I love the way you giggle, the way you frown, the way that you yell "I gotch you!" after you tag me.  I am so thankful that God chose me to be your mommy, and I will always, always be there for you.  Happy second birthday!