Monday, April 18, 2011

Five Months Old!

Dear Sophie,

Where to start this month?  It's been a rough few weeks kiddo.  You've been sick for the better part of the past four weeks with RSV and bronchiolitis, and it hasn't been pretty.  There were a few days where you seemed to be better (and I think actually were better, before you re-infected yourself somehow), and I was so happy to have you and your fabulous personality back!  And then we regressed, and it's back to wheezing when you breathe, coughing round the clock, using the snot sucker several times a day, and putting that mask over your face for the nebulizer breathing treatment on the off chance that it actually provides some relief for you.   You don't know this, Sophie, but when your dad and I were in college, he and his friends used to play this computer game called "worms" a LOT.  Each player got a team of little worms, and an arsenal of weapons.  The point of the game was to kill the other team's worms and one of the weapons you could use made the other team's worms sick.   I remember hating it because for several minutes all you could hear were these cute little sneezes and coughs, and I felt so bad.  For the animated bugs.  So you can imagine that hearing you cry so often and seeing you unhappy has just about killed me this month.  Plus we haven't been sleeping that great.  It's been a little emotional around here lately.

But, despite this, you are still an amazing, lovely little girl.  You'll still shower most people with smiles, and are still often content.  I think you're generally feeling worse than you let on.  You really like the exersaucer these days, and are bearing more and more weight on those little legs while you're in it.  You grip toys much better, and for longer periods.  Everything you can get your little fingers on - from toys to clothes to our hands - goes straight into your mouth.  I'm pretty sure this doesn't help us control the germs that we're trying to keep away from you, but there's just no reasoning with you.

We're really trying to successfully get you on a schedule of three naps per day, and for the week that you were healthy, you were pretty amenable to this.  You're eating rice cereal with more regularity, and have also tried pears and sweet potatoes.  You are becoming more and more squirmy, which I can't tell is just because you're uncomfortable lately, or just not really interested in being still but rather want to see how quickly you can wave those arms and legs.

My absolute favorite part about you lately is that when I pick you up after a nap, or after you've been crying, you burrow your little head into my shoulder.  You don't stay there for long, but it's as though that's your way of saying "oh good, I'm so glad you came back.  I love you."  Perhaps I'm reading a little too much into that, but I don't think so.

I love you too, Sophie.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March Projects

Here's what Emily has been up to this month with crafts and projects! (Sorry if these are boring, but it's the only way I can recycle things without feeling guilty).

Friday, April 1, 2011

Photographic Evidence

Sarah was looking through some of Emily's baby pictures recently, and discovered photographic evidence that Emily and Sophie are sisters. Can you guess which is which in the picture below?