Monday, July 18, 2011

Eight Months Old!

Dear Sophie,

In only eight short months, you have managed to make yourself the center of this family in so many ways!  And not in bad ways.  I am just trying to tell you how much we all love you and can't imagine what it would be like without you.  For example, the relationship you already have with your sister is amazing.  She just adores you, and has pretty much from the moment you were born.  She always seems to know just what you need.  In fact, she often anticipates my moves and will hand you a different toy when you begin to fuss, or tell me she thinks you want to eat when I just went to the kitchen to make you some solids (sidenote: why do they call it beginning solids for babies when everything is still pureed and clearly a LIQUID?  Sorry, that's always bothered me a little).  In short, your older sister is pretty amazing to you.  You seem to adore her right back though, and I swear on occasion you look first to her for comfort when things aren't going your way.  The growing relationship you two have - and the ways that you can make each other giggle - has been my single biggest parenting joy this month.

You enjoyed your first vacation recently, as we ventured to Michigan to visit Grandma Evonne and Grandpa Don, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kara, and many of our old friends.  You did pretty well, all things considered.  The biggest discovery was that you love the water.  And not in a "hey, this is kind of fun" way, but more of a "oh. my. goodness.  why don't we live in here ALL the time!?" kind of way.  Splashing in the water just didn't seem to get old for you.  Perhaps you'll be a little more adventurous than Emily, who still acts as though life as we know it will come to an end if the water gets anywhere near her eyes.  Oh the drama!

You're sleeping well (only waking in the middle of the night on rare occasion), and pretty much regularly taking two 1.5 hour naps.  Seriously, I can pretty much set my watch by you.  Not that I'm complaining because only recently 45 minute naps were the norm, but it's a little strange.  You're eating well, trying pretty much everything we give you though you have recently vetoed carrots, which at first you seemed to enjoy.  But Sophie, we need to talk about how loud you are when you eat.  It's as though you are having an entire conversation with your food, and I can't decide if you're frustrated, happy, annoyed, or maybe all of the above.  It sounds a little like a baby soap opera.  Let's just say that between your noise levels and our constant negotiations with Emily about how many more bites of dinner she must eat, our meals aren't quite as relaxing as they once were.

You're always on the go, always ready for a laugh, and very eager to find new ways to entertain yourself.  I am predicting that your spirit will be a bit more adventurous than I've grown accustomed to, and that gleam in your eyes assures me that we're in for a fun ride over the coming months and years.  We love you BABY Sophie!