Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Let it Snow!

I knew we wouldn't have to wait very long to use Emily's new sled (we do live in Michigan after all), and sure enough, we got a few more inches last night.  Instead of feeling my normal disappointment with the snow though, I experienced it in a new way by taking Emily out in all her snow gear and letting her go wild.  We learned that she likes her sled a lot, but that she could do without cold, wet snow and she especially doesn't care for being contained in a snow suit that makes it difficult to crawl.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Although Emily is only days away from her first birthday, she experienced her first Christmas this year.  She was completely overjoyed and eventually overwhelmed by all the fun of unwrapping presents and playing with family members and lots of new toys.  We spent time in Pennsylvania with my family, and then traveled back to Michigan to celebrate with Eric's immediate and extended family.  We made frosted cut out cookies, gave Emily baths in the sink, and went for walks in sunny, snow-free PA.  We went to church on Christmas Eve, opened Christmas pajamas, and ate Christmas breakfast casserole (twice!).  We played with more ball popper toys than I could have imagined were in existence, dealt with our fair share of temper tantrums, and all wanted to just close our eyes and take naps on occasion.  But I also got to watch the wonder in Emily's eyes when she experienced Christmas traditions for the first time, got to see her interact with cousins, aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles, grandparents and lots of other friends and family that she doesn't get to see nearly enough.  And most importantly, I got to tell her the story of Jesus' birth as she went to sleep on Christmas Eve, hopeful that one day she'll understand the real meaning of the holiday, and experience the joy of her Savior's birth.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Emily is Happy (and she knows it)

As an addendum to Eric's post yesterday, let me say that babies who fall asleep in the store and the car on the way home and then proceed to think that is all the napping needed for the day do not make for very happy babies.  But, in contrast, babies who are well rested and well fed are often very pleasant and enjoyable as Emily demonstrates in this video.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Power Shopper She's Not

Since Sarah had to break down our bathroom door, we decided to take the opportunity to give our bathroom a bit of an upgrade.  Today, Emily and I decided to tackle the new countertop and sink project.  Together we first browsed the selection at Lowe's.  While I examined the sinks, Emily guarded the tape measure and contorted herself into various positions that the shopping cart diagrams had crossed out and deemed UNSAFE and LIKELY TO CAUSE SEVERE DEATH.  After that, we headed to Menard's to see whether their selection was better.  However, Emily soon made it clear that one home improvement store is about her limit.  She quickly progressed from relaxed to sleepy to full on nap mode, as you can see here.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Eleven Months Old!

Dear Emily,

You are getting closer and closer to your first birthday - what a crazy thought!  For now though, let me recap the past four weeks for you.  I feel like there have been quite a few highs and lows, so we'll start with the lows first and get them out of the way.  First, we were all very, very sick with some sort of virus earlier this month.  I think you started it, as you had that unfortunate vomiting in the pool incident.  And, for the next week after that, there was much coming out of you and not a lot at all going in.  In fact, it got so bad at one point that your parents began to worry about you getting dehydrated and took your limp little self into an after hours pediatrics clinic.  But, you slowly perked back up (only to catch a nasty cold about a week ago, but we'll get to that).  Your dad and I were also quite ill for about 48 hours, and let me tell you that it is not easy to take care of you when I barely feel well enough to sit up (let alone chase you around).  But, I made it through and we're making it through your sinus infection (or whatever is currently ailing you).  I would really just like our whole family to be healthy for a period longer than two days.  That would be nice.

Also, you are currently  incapable of being in a room by yourself, sometimes even of being in a different part of the same room by yourself, without completely falling apart.  I don't recall ever leaving you on a doorstep or locking you in the basement or doing anything else that would give you the slightest reason to doubt that I will indeed come back for you (okay, well there was that incident with the bathroom door, but it was an accident and I saved you eventually).  But yet, if I step away from you - even momentarily - you scream and cry big alligator tears.  The doctor says that this sometimes happens with first kids, that I should ignore you and let you cry, that eventually you WILL learn to be on your own and entertain yourself.  But, the thing is, once you get all worked up like that, it is very hard to calm you down and you are more clingy than ever.  Also, the doctor doesn't have to look at this face.

Okay, now on to the highs.  I've written a lot (and given you a lot of grief) about being a poor napper.  The thing is (and I've hesitated to write this lest I jinx myself) you are currently a champion napper!  Seriously, you still have a few problems napping other places as you demonstrated over the Thanksgiving weekend at grandma and grandpa's house, but in general, you go down fine, are quiet right away and I frequently have to wake you up after an hour and a half or two hours.  You are taking two naps a day and still sleeping 11+ hours a night and that, my baby girl, is fabulous.  Your father and I attribute much of this to your blankie, whom you love and cuddle while you sleep.

Also, you do a lot of cute things now.  My favorite new thing is that you dance to music.  And, it can be just about any music from commercials on TV to the Jonas Brothers half-time show to all of your musically inclined toys.  You can be sitting or standing and you start to bounce up and down - your little head nodding to the beat.  It's pretty adorable.  And, you're slowly learning games.  You initiate peek-a-boo to pass the time when I change your diapers, you will (on occasion) raise your arms when I ask how big you are, and you will high-five people with a big, toothy grin when they ask for five.

I can't wait for your words to come so that you can tell me what is wrong when you are upset (and also that you love me, which will be even better to hear).  I also can't wait for you to walk on your own (you are getting closer - once you can balance there will be no stopping you).  But, I'm loving you more every day and watching you learn things and observe everything with your big, bright blue eyes is one of the things I love most about life right now.