Saturday, May 21, 2011

On Waking Up

The other day it was time to wake Sophie up from one of her naps, so Sarah found Emily and the following conversation ensued.

Sarah: Hey Emily, it's time to wake up your sister. Do you want to help?
Emily: Yeah! I'll do the waking, you do the smiling.

Sure enough, Emily ran up to the crib, woke up baby Sophie, and then looked over expectantly at Sarah, waiting for the agreed-upon smiles.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Six Months Old!

Dear Sophie,

You have been a part of this family for half a year now!  (And on a related note, yes, I realize that is a sufficient amount of time to change our blog header to include you.  This is one of the many things you can hang over my head as proof that I'm a terrible parent when you are a teenager.)  What a difference a month makes.  It is amazing how pleasant you can be when you aren't busy trying to fight off all of those viruses.  You're sleeping better, eating better, and for the most are a lot happier.  For that I'm so thankful!  I praise God that you were born with a good, strong, healthy set of lungs that fought so hard for so long.

We went on our first road trip this month to Baltimore to visit Susan and Peter and your future best friend, baby Lydia.  The two of you hit it off pretty well, though I did have to remind you on more than one occasion that it wasn't okay to grab her face with the same enthusiasm that you grab mine.  Still, I think you enjoyed it.  And you did very well during the car ride, so that made for an easier trip for everyone.

You're sleeping through the night again for the most part.  For the past few nights though, you've decided you need an extra snack at some point in the middle of the night.  Growth spurt perhaps?  You're eating lots of solids now - from pears to peas to sweet potatoes.  Currently we have not found a food that you don't like.  I'm trying not to get my hopes up that you'll be a less picky eater than your sister.  Though, in fairness to her, she is getting much, much better at trying new foods.  Except for hamburgers.  Clearly those are still too much to handle.

You still laugh and smile with ease at just about anything.  Your smile is one of the best smiles I've ever seen.  You get this glint in your eyes that makes your whole face light up.  It's really one of your best features and someday you are gonna break some boys heart with that smile, I'm quite sure.  You are so active when you're awake, always kicking or trying to grab the nearest thing in sight.  It's fun to watch how curious you are, and how big your eyes get when something surprises you.  You still adore being in the baby bjorn and going for walks, having your sister sing to you and dance around you, and listening to all kinds of music.  You're an absolute joy and I'm so thankful you're my little ladybug.