Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Morning at the Races

This morning I accomplished one of my running goals by running both the Reed's Lake Run 5K and 10K back to back.  I started the 5K at 8:00, and the 10K at 8:45.  With barely any training (I've been taking time off from both basketball and running to help my iliotibial band heal), the 10K was fairly difficult.  The heat almost did me in, but I still made it, thanks to Sarah and Emily's cheering, and because I wasn't worried at all about time in the 10K, I was just hoping to keep moving and cross the finish line.  At 63:11, the 10K was easily my slowest ever, but I did finish the 5K in a respectable 24:18 (I held back a little bit because I knew I would need energy for the 10K).  As a special Dutchman bonus, I only paid one fee for both races!  Afterward, we biked home and I cooled off in the kiddie pool, although Emily thought it a little strange that Daddy didn't bother to take off his clothes first.

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