Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Musical Mashup

I was listening to the radio as I got lunch ready today, and as Emily and I sat down to a lovely spread of crackers and hummus and fruit, a funny thing happened.  Emily was the one who remembered we needed to pray, and I noted to myself that the radio was still on in the background.  I considered getting up to turn it off before we sung our prayer, but I was famished, and decided to forget about it.  What are the odds that as we began to sing our prayer, one of Emily's favorite pop songs would come on?  And so, at lunch today, God heard something like this:

"Heavenly Father - woo hoo! - we thank You, we thank You - tonight gonna be good, good night - for our many blessings - i got my money - Amen!"

I hope that God was laughing as hard as I was.  I think He might have been.

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