Friday, February 26, 2010

The Mexican Friday Five

I'm rather short on time today, but I wanted to share some pictures of our recent trip to Mexico.  And so, I decided to make this week's Friday Five a list of my top five favorite photos from our trip.  In short, it was wonderful!  A great way for Eric and I to connect again, and Emily had a blast at grandma and grandpa's house (thanks again to you both)!

1.  We enjoyed great, authentic Mexican food. They really let you take your time eating (and drinking) while in Mexico. They will not bring you the check unless you ask for it! And they will always bring you another Margarita or Corona!

2.  Exploring a cenote, which is basically a really cool sinkhole. There were several near Playa Del Carmen, where we stayed. It was good to explore one! We even jumped off the cliff in the background into the water!

3.  We loved the animals in Mexico, from the friendly lizards to the crafty Pelicans.  One pelican even let us get only a couple of feet away before he flew off!

4. XelHa was another highlight.  It was a huge, natural water park of sorts, with snorkeling options abounding, and other fun outdoors activities.   It was absolutely beautiful!

5.  And the absolute highlight of the trip for me was a chance to swim with the dolphins and acts as their trainer for an hour.  There are several cool pictures, and you can see more by clicking on the one above, which was my favorite.

Eric gave this gift of dolphin swimming to me as an anniversary present last month, and I've been looking forward to it ever since.  It definitely didn't disappoint!

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