Friday, February 12, 2010

The Friday Five

I'm starting a new column on this blog, because I need some more accountability to write consistently, and because I like making "Top 5" lists.  So without further ado, I give you this week's list:

The Top 5 Things I Learned about Potty Training

1.  My bathroom is not nearly as clean as I imagined it was.  When you spend so much time sitting on the floor next to the toilet reading books to your toddler as she sits on the potty, you realize that the toilet is actually pretty gross.  And the floor around it? Also pretty questionable.

2.  My daughter goes to the bathroom a LOT.  I guess she has a small bladder, and isn't accustomed to "holding it".   But seriously, I think she uses the potty at least two dozen times a day.  And by uses it, I mean uses it successfully.  The kid pees quite often.

3.  Emily is very terrified of toilets without kid seats on top of them.  There was an incident at our friend Julie's house this week that I thought might scar her from her great progress using the potty, but she bounced right back as soon as she wasn't scared out of her mind that she was going to fall in!

4.  Potty training requires more patience than I have.  It's one thing when we're at home, and I can easily stop what I'm doing every time Emily indicates an interest in using the potty.  But when we're on a play date at the mall and the potty is good five minute trek away from our friends, it's another story.  Emily requested to use the potty three times in the span of just over an hour.  Doing the math; a five minute walk to the potty + two minutes sitting time + three minutes washing hands + five minute walk back x 3 = 45 minutes of potty time and about 20 minutes of playing.  But how do you say no?  You don't.  Instead, you fake patience.

5.  Even though we're not out of the woods yet (still in pull ups, no underwear yet), this is so much easier than I thought it would be.  I dreaded this stage of parenting more than the nights of interrupted sleep with a newborn, and more than anticipating a teenager with an attitude problem.   Instead, I learned that there is nothing worse than being sleep deprived for several weeks.  And, Emily has initiated sitting on the potty on her own.  Even with the MANY trips we are making, it's not so bad yet (knock on wood).  Now if we could only get back to napping regularly...


  1. Awesome...just in time to come spend time at Grandma's house later this month!

  2. "easier than I thought it would be" ---> SO envious. (and happy for you--really!)