Monday, November 17, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words

Eric and I enrolled Emily in baby swimming classes at the YMCA because our peanut loves the water.  Little did we know that the instructors have pretty high expectations for these kids, including teaching them to flip from their tummies to their backs and float by the end of the class.  They also find it plausible that if the kids keep up their lessons they could swim on their own by the age of two.  That's all well and good, but I was just hoping to have some fun splashing around with my baby.  Emily loved the first class, although she's not crazy about being on her back anywhere (including the water apparently).  But, she wasn't feeling very well before the second class, and the photo above shows her uncertainty about what's to come...

Most of the class went fine, and she did quite well with the skills but near the end she got sick in the water and the whole entire pool had to be evacuated because of us.  That was the beginning of a pretty awful week for our family as we all experienced a gastrointestinal virus of some kind.  Thankfully, we're all recovered now and eager to tackle the water again tonight.  Here are some of the my favorite pictures from last week:


  1. Wow! You are having a much different experience than ours in Y baby swimming lessons. Our classes were little more than singing The Wheels on the Bus and swishing in the water. We did practice "floating" on backs, but Jonah hated that.

  2. [...] with some sort of virus earlier this month.  I think you started it, as you had that unfortunate vomiting in the pool incident.  And, for the next week after that, there was much coming out of you and not a lot at [...]