Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ten Minutes

Do you know how long ten minutes is?  Perhaps it's a stupid question, but my concept of how long ten minutes really is has changed since having Emily.  Before, ten minutes was nothing.  I could (and did) easily waste ten minutes on a regular basis.  But you see, ten minutes is approximately how long it takes Emily to sit in her high chair and drink her bottle and this is one of the only times during the entire day (naps aside) that I have to get things accomplished without a two foot high ankle hugger following me around.  And now, I am amazed at how efficient I can be!  I can fold an entire basket of laundry in ten minutes.  I can unload and re-load the dishwasher in ten minutes.  I can vacuum the entire downstairs in ten minutes.  I can become completely rejuvinated by sitting with my feet up on the couch sipping hot chocolate.  And, I can write an entire blog post, which is what I've done right now.  Hooray for ten minutes!

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