Monday, November 3, 2008

Ten Months Old!

Dear Emily,

You are ten months old today! Your uncle Jeff frequently exclaims how big you are when he sees you (though he does see you on a fairly regular basis so I'm not always sure where the shock comes from). But lately I have to agree. I simply can't believe how much bigger you are becoming. I look back at pictures from a few months ago, and I'm shocked by your sheer size, by the things you can do now that you couldn't then, by the incredible amount of hair you are growing! Fall has come to Michigan, and you have enjoyed partaking in a few traditions: exploring pumpkin patches, crawling through leaves, and sitting in hay to name a few.

You have begun to get your first two teeth this month, and while that's exciting and will help you chew foods (right now if I give you finger foods they just sit in your mouth for a long, long time), it seems to be making you a little cranky and uncomfortable. Also, they are taking a long time. You have been getting your first two teeth for a few weeks now, and I wish they would just hurry up and come all the way in.

That picture of you in the high chair there, that's often how you like to view the world. It's amusing, and you also do this in your stroller when we go for walks prompting strangers left and right to approach me and tell me how tired you are, how much you need a nap, and how I better hurry up and get you home. Clearly these people are not familiar with your wily ways (and why they feel the need to give me such advice is beyond me) and a few seconds later your head will pop up like a jack in the box and, eyes gleaming, you'll smile at me like it was all a big trick on your part.

Speaking of tricks (and treats), you also experienced your first Halloween. I wasn't about to spend $25 on a costume that you would wear one time, but I did pony up the $3.77 for an outfit on eBay, and if I do say so myself, I think it was an excellent selection.

You weren't feeling particularly well on Halloween, but you did enjoy finding the leftover candy the next morning and protested loudly when I tried to take it away from you (but not before snapping this picture!).

Finally, this has been a month of transition as I have gone back to work part-time. It's been great though, as you now usually get to spend one day of the work week with your daddy, two days with me, and two days playing with your friends down the street. Frankly, you seem to be having a blast with this arrangement and now I can honestly say that I enjoy (even treasure) the days that our just ours. Thanks for being my sweet little peanut - I love you more than words can ever say!



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