Friday, May 21, 2010

Toddler Sound Bite

The other day Emily requested some juice mid-morning.  She hadn't had any at breakfast (we've been making smoothies!) so I granted her request and filled her sippy cup.  A few minutes later she brought me her favorite baby doll, complaining that she was all wet.  Taking a look I confirmed the wetness, and the stickiness.  Ever the quick one, I assessed that Emily had tried to feed her juice to the doll.  When I asked, she confirmed this.  I didn't want to give her yet another thing NOT to do, because sometimes I feel like I'm saying "No!" all day long.  Instead I tried this. "Emily, baby dolls don't like juice, so you shouldn't give them any.  OK?"  She thinks for a moment and responds "OK.  I get milk."

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