Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yesterday was not my finest day as a mom.  It seemed as the day progressed that things went from bad to worse.  Emily cried (a LOT).  I cried (some).  Granted, this was to be expected because it's always hard to be by myself with Emily (while Eric works a 12+ hour shift) after we've spent time in PA visiting family members who are able to dote on Emily all the time.  I think the hardest thing Emily had to do during her time at grandma's house was choose between gold fish crackers or animal crackers for her snack.  Still, looking back on the day I can see that I didn't read books with much enthusiasm at all, I spent far too much time worrying about washing laundry and unpacking while ignoring protests from the toddler at my legs, and I yelled (twice!) when there were potty accidents.  Yes, I know this probably doesn't help her.  Yes, it was out of frustration and unfair to Emily.  I guess it's a good thing little kids are so good at forgiveness because at bedtime, she still reached her little arms around my neck while we sung our songs and said "I love you too, mommy" (which is what she says whether she is the initiator or not) and gave me a big smile.    Amazing grace indeed!

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  1. Grandmother EvonneMay 20, 2010 at 1:15 PM

    Ahh...sorry I'm not there to take you both outside for a break or something! Sorry to hear about tears. Time for a walk?