Thursday, April 29, 2010

I finally caved...

My baby was born with hair.  A lot of dark brown hair.  In the last two and half years, that hair has lightened significantly (though I still am not convinced that she'll always be a blond) and grown to be quite long.  I love her long hair, and I have fought tooth and nail to avoid giving Emily bangs.  I think this is because I have so many bad memories of uneven bangs from my own childhood.  Well, okay, maybe they are not memories so much as me cringing now when I look at old pictures (sorry mom, I know you tried).  But alas, Emily's hair is pretty hard to manage.  I often have to re-do it several times throughout the day, she's constantly pushing the wisps out of her eyes, and on Fridays, when Eric is home with Emily?  Well, let's just say it's not pretty.  And so I caved, and tonight, I gave her a trim and also bangs.  I hate it, and what's worse than that, I think I made them too short!  So, here are a couple of pictures.  And what do I need from you blog family and friends?  I need you to tell me how cute she is, how they'll grow back, and how she won't resent me for this when she's older (even if you have to lie).


  1. She looks so grown up! And what does Emily think of the new do? For the record, the bangs don't appear to be too short and time blends all cuts!

  2. I, of course, think that even short bangs are no match for Emily's overwhelming adorableness. But here's what the internet has to say about too-short bangs:

    Boo-Boo: Amputated Bangs

    Band-Aid: Bangs are all the rage again, but cutting them yourself can be tricky. If you find yourselves with bangs that are shorter than what you had intended, weigh the hair down by dampening it and adding a little gel, then comb the bangs to one side and secure with one or two bobby pins. You want the bangs to recede into your hairline, not to fall straight form the pin. If your fringe is too skimpy to reach the side, try parting closer to the middle and combing to opposite sides.

    Here's a picture:

    You do use gel in Emily's hair, right? ;-)

  3. I don't think they are too you know how hard it is to cut them!!!

    She is still adorable as ever but looking too grown up these days. Can't wait to see her in person again.

  4. Oh she is so cute! I think she's looking more like Eric - at least in the first picture with bangs. Are you getting used to the bangs yet?
    We miss you guys -
    the Faders