Monday, September 19, 2011

Ten Months Old!


Here's something I've learned about parenting - you can never trust what other people tell you about raising children. Everyone always told me that raising a second child would be completely different than the first. But so far, your similarities to your older sister are far greater than your differences. At this age, you both couldn't stand to be left alone in a room, were always, ALWAYS on the go, and had very little interest in age appropriate toys while always angling for ways to get the things I didn't want you to have. You and Emily were/are both social babies: perfect angels when we're out on the go, but often very whiny at home. But Sophie, in little ways, you are definitely your own little person. You're tender, and will almost always give me a cuddle, albeit often brief. Your smile is big, bright, and so frequently on display. And not to knock your sister, but let's just say I have a hunch that the natural athletic ability was more greatly bestowed to you.

You're such a good sleeper, my darling baby. This needing more sleep is both a blessing and a curse though because if you miss a nap you fall apart so quickly it's pathetic. When I started working three mornings a week and at first you weren't napping in the morning- well, let's just say it was a rough transition. But we've found a solution, you seem to adore your caretakers at the nursery while I work, and all is well.

You're still very much attached to your bottles, but slowly warming up to the idea that liquids can also come from a sippy cup. You let us know that you can feed yourself, thank you very much. Baby food fed from a spoon doesn't go over very well with you, but you will pick up cheerios and banana pieces until we decide you can't possibly need any more food. You are finally getting your first tooth popping through, which leaves me feeling relieved that you will indeed have at least one tooth by the time we're celebrating your first birthday.

Unfortunately, Sophie, I am finding it to be true again that this is often a frustrating age. You are very much aware of what you want but can't yet vocalize it with words. You very much want to follow but can't quite keep up by crawling. You desire to be held and explore at the same time and why can't I just figure out a way to let you do both? Still my darling girl, I cuddle up with you before bedtime, you rest your little head on my shoulder, and for a few moments, absolutely all is right with the world.



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