Monday, January 17, 2011

Two Months Old!

Dear Sophie,

We have reached the end of month two already, and boy is it going fast this time around! I mean, to honest there are some days when I look at the clock 20 times in the afternoon, counting down the minutes until your daddy will get home, but in general, your infancy seems to be going quite quickly. You are growing well, I think, though we won't know for sure until we have your two month check up on Wednesday and get your official stats, but you seem to getting bigger and you no longer fit in your size newborn clothes, so that's a good sign.

You are sleeping well, generally going to bed for the night around 9 o'clock and then sleeping until 5ish, at which point you eat and go back to bed for another two to three hours. And once, you did sleep the whole night through, so I know you can do it. But your napping is a bit more of a struggle. You seem to be the queen of the cat nap these days, often only wanting to sleep for about 30 minutes at a time during the day, which makes it a bit more challenging. But you are SUCH a happy and calm girl. You will sit contentedly in your bouncy seat or lay on your play mat for very long periods of time. You are quick to give smiles and I swear that you giggled at me the other day (as I was trying to rock you to sleep).

You are not a fan of being on your stomach, so I sense that you will be slower to roll over than your sister was. She loved her tummy time. You are gaining head control, but pretty much refuse to lift it up when I place you on your stomach, choosing to immediately wail instead. But other than that, you are a LOT like your sister was as a baby, and it makes me wonder whether your personalities will become more similar or different as time goes by. I very much look forward to the days that you will spend playing (and probably fighting) with her. Right now she adores you, but I wonder if that feeling will remain once you try to play with her toys and imitate everything she does. We'll see!

You are a joy to us Sophie Grace, and I'm glad you're in this family. I already can't imagine it without you!



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  1. Too cute! Love the feet on Sophie's outfit. She looks a bit startled in Emily's arms. I'm sure Sophie will start liking tummy time in a few weeks, and scoot around for toys. Eager to see her again!

    Grandma Evonne