Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sophie's First Visitors

Not long after settling into our hospital room, we began receiving visitors, all eager to meet Sophie.  First of course were Grandpa and Grandma with a very eager Emily, who had been waking up every morning for five days straight asking "baby Sophie come out?".

After some quality time with Grandpa, Grandma, and Emily, and explaining that babies eat milk, not saltines, we welcomed some more visitors.  Andy and Sarah Fox dropped by, and were so adept with Sophie that we thought they might like to have one of their own soon.

Next came Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kara, who rushed over from work, and couldn't have been happier to meet Sophie.  Sophie is already their eighth niece.  With only one nephew, Jeff and Kara began to consider doing their part to even out the gender ratio.

Finally, we welcomed the Kruis family, consisting of Noah, Megan, Jonah, and Eden.  Although they all enjoyed meeting Sophie, as a big brother Jonah seemed especially well versed in how babies work and how to listen to them with a stethoscope.

We loved sharing the joy of Sophie's birth with so many visitors, and will look forward to more over the coming days and weeks.

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