Saturday, March 27, 2010

She Always Keeps Me Guessing...

Emily always seems to keep me guessing, often doing exactly the opposite of what I expect.  Today I was sipping a cup of coffee, and she really wanted to try a sip.  She asked me repeatedly, in a super nice voice, and even remembered to say "pleeeeease".  So I relented, fully expecting her to spit it out, or tell me it was yucky.  Instead, she asked for more, and then more, and then proudly walked around saying "I yike coffee".  Oops, I guess that one backfired on me!  At this rate, she'll be addicted to coffee before she hits kindergarten!


  1. My mom started giving me her cold coffee when I was 2... and you know how much I love it now! :o)

  2. Love the piciture with the coffee mug. Too cute.

  3. oh that is hilarious. I think that's about when I started drinking coffee... and I may or may not have gotten my four-year-old cousin hooked this winter. So funny! Wow I miss Emily!