Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

I know I've been terribly behind with posting recently; we've just been SO busy.  But, tonight Emily and I had a few hours to ourselves to play, so here are a couple of quick pictures of us carving a pumpkin together.  I have fond memories of carving pumpkins from my childhood (mine always had toothy grins).  I'm not crazy about Halloween as a holiday, but pumpkin carving is something I can totally get behind so enjoy these pictures of us.

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  1. Cute as always.

    Pap pap Barry and I carved a pumpkin to look like a turkey -- we have lots of wild turkeys at Liberty Hills. We have our Halloween gathering tomorrow night at the club house and we were to carve a unique pumpkin. We forgot to take pictures but I'll try to remember tomorrow.