Wednesday, September 2, 2009

20 Months Old!


Another month, and more milestones. This has been the month of random attachments. It started, I think, when we took our family pictures last month.  You did great, and we got some awesome pictures, but almost all of them have "arf" in the background.  Ironically, this small stuffed dog was your dad's when he was little.  You became attached to this recently, and it complements your love of your baby blanket quite nicely.  I think it's absolutely hilarious that you have chosen the same two respective comfort objects that your parents cherished as children.  And I swear it was all on your own; we actually didn't push you to like these things.

Lately though, you've decided to carry around a couple of plastic food items everywhere you go.  Corn and grapes, for whatever reason, amuse you to no end.  They must go together, and you can't find one without searching for the other.  Speaking of foods, Emily, why don't you eat vegetables?  Seriously, the closest you come is hummus, and I'm so worried that you're missing out on essential nutrients that I let you eat hummus until your heart is content (which roughly translates to, well, a LOT of hummus each day).   Also, you are not what I would call a graceful eater.  No, you stuff food in your mouth until you look like a chipmunk, mumble something that sounds like more, and cry when I won't give it to you until you've finished chewing.  It's crazy, child.  Slow down!

You want to do everything by yourself, from buckling your own straps on your booster seat and car seat to walking up and down stairs (with my hand) to brushing your teeth and washing yourself in the bath. You throw tantrums a LOT, but you also listen really well. So, if I tell you it's time to leave the library, you'll cry and say "NO" but then, after a minute or two, you stop and come. It's almost funny, or it would, if it didn't attract so much attention. One final thing, Emily: your dad is a good guy who loves and cares for you every bit as much as I do. So, do you think one day - just one - you could decide to attach yourself to his legs instead of mine? That'd be great. But remember, only one, because although it drives me to the brink of craziness, I'm sure I'd miss it, and you. Love you!

Love, Mom

P.S. - This was also a big month because we found out that you will be gaining a second aunt. Your uncle Jeff got engaged to your soon-to-be aunt Kara, and someday you'll appreciate how cool that is! Congrats Jeff and Kara!

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