Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome to Toddlerhood


Let me just start by saying that your mother is going to be mad that I'm stealing her spotlight by posting this on the same day as her usual monthly post. Before she wins you over to her side, let me just say that (a) you're my daughter too, and (b) who do you think it was that started this blog? So there.

Now that you can walk, I suppose you are officially a toddler.  I cannot believe you have come so far and that your mother and I have managed to keep you alive for so long.  In college, Uncle Brandon and I had pet goldfish which routinely died for no apparent reason.  I marvel that not only have you stayed alive and healthy for much longer than all those goldfish put together, but you know and do all kinds of amazing things for which I can take little or no credit.  When I thought you were ready to start crawling, Uncle Jeff and I spent hours with you in our specialized crawling readiness program. It was all to no avail, you just sat there watching us get in funny positions and make weird faces. That's why part of me is not at all surprised that you have learned how to do so many things without me teaching you. You know how to wave, play peek-a-boo, brush your hair, "write" on paper, open and close doors, walk(!), "talk" on the phone, be exceedingly cute, and so many other things.  This may not seem impressive to you, but last year at this time all you did was lay there and occasionally poop.  I can only assume that your amazing progress is the result of a combination of the gifts God has given you and wonderful parenting by your mother.  I have no idea what to expect from you in the coming months and years, but I'm grateful that God has given us such a wonderful little girl as yourself, and I'm looking forward to sharing those months and years with you.



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