Monday, February 2, 2009

Thirteen Months Old!

Dear Emily,

Even though your dad beat me to the punch, I can't let this day pass without writing my reflections on this past month.  You sure are becoming quite the fun little girl, and you've had some significant recent accomplishments.  First, you are no longer getting any of your nourishment from formula.  You still have a small bottle before bed, but it's filled with milk, and even though your pediatrician seems to be pretty stern on the "no more bottles after one year" rule, I'm okay with you having that for a little while longer.  Mainly, this is because you always, always go to bed easily and I like that.  We also read stories together before bed, the same two stories every night: The Going-to- Bed Book, and the classic Goodnight Moon.  If I don't read these stories, you begin to look around for them, and you actually pay attention to the entire book as I read to you.  You've also been enjoying your baths as a part of your bedtime routine, and you are getting so smart!  You've learned, all on your own, how to turn the shower on as the bath water fills the tub, and how to put all of your bath toys back in their bag at the end of your bath.

You've been enjoying new and messy snacks.  One of your favorites seems to be ritz crackers with cream cheese and jelly on top.  You also seem to want to eat anything on my plate.  Somehow you are convinced it is better than is on your high chair tray, even if it is the exact same thing!  Also, you are sporting the pigtails look more frequently, and even though it may be time for a haircut, I can't quite find the nerve to do it yet.  Despite the growing evidence to the contrary, sometimes I still think of you as my little baby.

Also, as your dad mentioned with great excitement, you are walking!  I don't know if I've ever been prouder of anyone in my life than I was when you took off just this past weekend and decided that crawling was so last week.  We've been encouraging this for weeks, but somehow it just clicked for you, and you are so pleased with yourself when you toddle across a room.  Other reasons to love you are that you always pat people when you hug them, you often lean over in the bathtub and try to lap up the water like a kitty would his bowl of milk, and if I tell you to "shake it, shake it" you will begin to rattle whatever you are holding.  My next goal is to work on this communication thing.  Oh, I know you can tell me what you want through pointing and various inflections and volumes of the words "dat" and "doh".  But, I'm excited for you to say "ball" and "baby" and "banana" and a whole host of words that start with letters other than "B".

It's been another big month!  I am daily challenged and humbled and blessed by your presence in my life.  I praise the Lord for your health and happiness.



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  1. Jonah also reads The Going To Bed Book and Goodnight Moon before bed each night. He has gotten to the stage, where he knows that this means that we are nearing the last book of the evening, and that bed is up coming, so whenever he hears, "In the great green room..." he gets a bit upset...unless he is really tired!