Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Power Shopper She's Not

Since Sarah had to break down our bathroom door, we decided to take the opportunity to give our bathroom a bit of an upgrade.  Today, Emily and I decided to tackle the new countertop and sink project.  Together we first browsed the selection at Lowe's.  While I examined the sinks, Emily guarded the tape measure and contorted herself into various positions that the shopping cart diagrams had crossed out and deemed UNSAFE and LIKELY TO CAUSE SEVERE DEATH.  After that, we headed to Menard's to see whether their selection was better.  However, Emily soon made it clear that one home improvement store is about her limit.  She quickly progressed from relaxed to sleepy to full on nap mode, as you can see here.


  1. ADORABLE. I have similar pictures of your wife in a baby is in one of my photo albums. I titled it
    going, going, gone. She was awake, sleepy and then out like a light.

    Keep them coming.

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