Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reading Rainbow

One of the things I looked forward to the most about having a baby was reading together. I pictured a little one snuggled up next to me as we re-read some of my childhood favorites and explored new children's books together. When Emily was very little - only a few weeks old - she would fall asleep while I read to her. But now, despite my persistent attempts, she screams and squirms every time I try to hold her on my lap and read a book to her. Last week we went to the children's section of our local library, and Emily had a blast playing with the toys scattered on the floor while I looked around at the thousands of books they had available. Soon, Emily came and found me and very selectively pulled three books off the shelf I was perusing. Her choices were a small hardback about a young duckling named Gossie, a Dr. Seuss classic entitled Yertle the Turtle, and a colorful selection called Heaven is Having You. She happily played with her books (okay, she tried to eat them) all the way home. Still, this seems like progress to me!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah Emily! Yertle the Turtle was one of my favorite books as a child and I have a the stuffed animal at my house waiting for you in my closet.

    Love you,

    Grandma Ruth