Friday, August 1, 2008

Seven Months Old!


You are now seven months old, and as busy and squirmy as ever.  You are trying to learn so many new things that you can hardly sit still long enough for your parents to catch their collective breath.  But, your go get 'em attitude seems to be paying off in terms of your physical development.  You are SO close to crawling that I'm beginning to think often about baby proofing the house.  You get on your hands and knees and rock back and forth with an excited gleam in your eyes, but when that doesn't work, you get back on your tummy and flail your limbs in the desperate hope that it will magically move you across the room.

A few days ago I was helping a friend babysit, and there was a little boy there only a couple of months older than you are.  He was able to pull himself up and stand, and I told you to take notes.  I don't think anything you have done to this point in your life surprised me more than when you actually copied him and were standing on your own a few moments later.  Who knew you could do that?  But, you really enjoy standing now and are quite good at it.  Even if you fall backwards and sit down, if I laugh and smile at you, you seem to think it was funny and rarely get scared.

You're still not very good at playing by yourself, and have a remarkable knack for knowing when your daddy or I sneak out of the room after we've supplied you with an armful of toys.  You start to search for us almost instantly - how did you know we left?!  We thought we were so sneaky...

You continue to enjoy eating solid foods of all varieties except for things green in color.  Although, your daddy did get you to eat oatmeal with peas the other morning.  I can't believe he would try that, but he swears you ate it.  At your six month well baby check up, you were a healthy 16 pounds 4 ounces (putting you right around the 50th percentile) and 26 and 3/4 inches long (85th percentile).   Also, you make the cutest face after you swallow a spoonful of food.  So cute, in fact, that sometimes I continue to feed you just to see you make the face!

You've been enjoying the stroller more lately, for which I'm thankful.  My shoulders were getting quite sore toting you around in the baby bjorn, though sometimes we still use it in the evening when you are so cranky that even a nice stroll won't calm you down.  We also used the baby backpack we purchased for the first time last week as we hiked along the Plaster Creek trail after church.

Thanks for another wonderful month.  There definitely are days when you try my patience (like those two days in a row when you decided that naps are optional) but I'm trying to enjoy them all.  After all, you'll only be seven months old once!



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