Sunday, June 19, 2011

Seven Months Old!


You are seven months old now, and whenever I see you in recently taken pictures, you look so big to me.  Maybe that's because your head really is giant (95th percentile last we checked), or maybe it's because I simply can't understand how you changed so fast from the tiny, skinny newborn that we brought home from the hospital.  But whatever the case may be, you are learning and growing and changing everyday, and occasionally I struggle to keep up.

You can crawl now, not the classic style only hands and knees crawling, but the just as effective army crawl style.  It gets you (much too quickly, in my opinion) from one side of a room to the other.  We've started to hear cries from Emily along the lines of "Mom, Sophie's eating/slobbering on/tearing apart my (fill in the blank)!"

You're eating so many different kinds of solids now, and love them all.  At least, I think you do because you don't spit anything out.  You are, however, a very vocal eater!  You had your first taste of puffs (aka cheerios that dissolve slightly easier), and did very well getting them into your mouth all by yourself.  You love to sit and take out every toy from a box or bin.  You look at each object, put in your mouth, turn it around in your hands, studying it the way that only someone who is discovering new things can do.

You're sleeping pretty great, most days still taking two naps, unless they are exceptionally long and then it's just two.  You sleep 11 to 12 hours at night, waking up by talking to yourself or shrieking happily.  You're always a little disgruntled when you're left alone in a room for any length of time, but other than that, you're really pretty darn happy.  I love you little ladybug!



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