Thursday, March 17, 2011

Four Months Old!


Four months old already?!  Boy oh boy, time just keeps moving right along.  You're still a happy girl, and are still content to do just about anything.  Your favorite things to do right now are try and stuff every possible object into your mouth, roll onto our side as often as possible, and giggle hysterically when we bounce you up and down or fly you around the room.  Your sister continues to adore you, and I just can't wait until you can actually move around or talk.  If she loves you now, she's going to go completely nuts over you in a few more months.

Your sleeping is going pretty well.  But you have this thing with 45 minute naps.  You almost always wake up 45 minutes into your sleep, whether it be a nap or at night, and cry.  At first I'd rescue you pretty regularly, but then that got old so we moved into a little bit of cry-it-out bootcamp this week.  You're getting better at putting yourself back to sleep now, which is great.  And if you're really struggling, I move you to your swing to finish out your naps.  Keep up the good work.  I anticipate that you'll drop down to three naps soon, and will probably start eating some rice cereal and other foods in the next couple of weeks.  You are still consistently sleeping through the night with no problems, and you and your sister generally wake up around the same time each morning, both bright eyed and ready to start the day.

When we take you to church, we get swarmed by old ladies telling me you are the cutest baby they have every seen.  Truly, they do.  And you probably are.  Cute and content as can be most of the time.  As I said, you enjoy being on your side, but have yet to roll all the way over by yourself regularly.  You've done it once or twice, but I think it was an accident.  My theory on why you're a little slow to master this particular skill is that you don't care enough.  If I put you on your back, you're happy.  If I put you on your tummy, you're now happy too.  There's no reason you need to change anything, so why bother trying to roll?!

Anyway, we love you like crazy Sophie.  Thanks for being a part of our family.




  1. Adds a smile to my over-stressed life. Hope to see you this weekend. I miss my grand-daughters.

  2. They are beautiful girls Sarah! I hope to see them both sometime soon :)

  3. So sweet and cute!!!