Friday, December 17, 2010

One Month Old!

Dear Sophie,

You are turning one month old today!  As was the tradition with your sister, I will try to remember to write you a note every month.  Thus far, I have to say that you are a remarkable baby.  You seem to generally be pretty content with life, and happy to relax in a bouncy seat, swing, or someone's arms and take it all in.  When your eyes are happen, which is happening with greater frequency, they are so big and round.  I wonder what color they will end up being, dark like mine and your daddy's or bright blue like your big sister!

You sleep like a pro, generally going three to four hours between feedings at night.  Also, you are happy to accept both breast milk and formula, which has been wonderful.  I pretty much expected that I would not be able to feed you with only breast milk, as was the case with your sister, but unlike Emily, you will take either without much fuss, which has been great for both of us.

When you do fuss, I have determined that you like to swing sideways and I am glad that your cradle swing, which we lovingly selected for you, has this feature.  You also can often be found with several toys at your side because whenever Emily sees you awake and without something to do, she loads you up with baby toys.  Also, you poop.  A lot.  Well, whenever you decide to poop, there is a lot.  Enough said.

Sophie, this has been a hard month, but it is not because of you.  We have packed up our entire home and moved to a new house in a new city in the first month of your birth.  And through it all, you have been (mainly) a source of joy.  I can't wait to get know your personality more in the coming weeks, months, and years.



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  1. Beautiful girls. Treasure every moment. Sophie really is a treasure, and the calm baby you needed during this transition time in your life.