Monday, October 4, 2010

The Count is On!

My life right now in numbers:

44 - Days until Baby Plantinga #2 is due to arrive.

68 - Days until we are planning to move to Pittsburgh.

90 - Days until Emily turns 3 whole years old.

3 - Number of classes I have left to teach this fall.

12 - Days of work I have left (my last day is 11/5/2010, but I only work part-time).

2 - Number of tours that our current favorites to rent our house have been on.  Our fingers are crossed.  Please cross yours too.

7 - Number of houses that our on our list to tour and possibly rent in Pittsburgh.

1,050 - the estimate of the moving truck company to get our 4 BR house moved to Pittsburgh.

2-3 - Days that the company estimates it will take to get all of our stuff driven to Pittsburgh.

91 - Days until Eric begins his Masters in Anesthesia Program at the University of Pittsburgh.

0 - What our income (from jobs, not loans/grants/etc.) will be for the first part of 2011.  Are we crazy?!

1 - Number of times I almost had a panic attack this morning after making this list.

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  1. Remember to breathe and to TRUST!