Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top Chef

Our apologies for not blogging very faithfully.  We've been rather busy, and while I don't expect that to let up anytime soon, I want to keep documenting our adventures as a family.  Lately Emily has been very happy to help me in the kitchen.  She loves cooking and baking, and an added benefit is that we've discovered she's much more likely to eat what we eat for dinner (as opposed to say, another peanut butter and jelly sandwich) if she has a hand in making it.  Sunday night we made a spinach, onion, and cheese quiche, and she quickly ate her piece with excitement at dinnertime.  She has also discovered the great tradition of licking the utensils after you're done, and here she is getting a head start on the banana bread dishes while I was putting some of the ingredients away.

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  1. Emily is getting so big! What fun...