Saturday, January 2, 2010

Two Years Old!

Dear Emily,

I can hardly believe that you're turning two today!  In many ways it seems like you were just a newborn sleeping in my arms.  I remember how we used to have to swaddle you, rock you to sleep, and figure out what you wanted by the type of your cry.  How far you've come!  Your communication continues to astound your dad and me, and your vocabulary has exploded lately.  You'll repeat almost anything we say, and you often will say words that we had no idea you knew (and much to my chagrin and your dad's delight, one of them is fart).  Recently we spent quite a bit of time away from home, visiting relatives for the holidays.  You seemed to love every minute of it, and basked in the attention lavished upon you by your grandparents, uncles, and aunts.  And then, when we got home last night you were so happy to see Oscar, your new cash register toy, and your monkey pajamas.  After giving Oscar multiple hugs and kisses, you told him "Hi Occar.  At Gamma's."  I guess you owed him an explanation for your lengthy absence.  And just this morning, I told you that you were such a big girl and you said "mommy big girl".  I clarified that yes, mommy was a big girl and then asked you if you were a big girl too and you said "no".  I asked you what you were, and you said "two"!

You've been giving a LOT of attention to the alphabet song lately, and sing it several times per day.  You'll say "mommy do it" when you want me to sing it, and when I tire of that song after several renditions, and tell you I'm done for now, you will turn to your father and say "daddy do it".  How quickly you are learning to utilize both of your parents to your advantage!  You also love to count, enjoy reading books (especially about Pooh or Elmo or animals), play with your baby dolls and their accessories, and your new train and Duplo sets.  You are active, often excited, and seldom do anything for very long.  You are affectionate, almost always granting requests for hugs and kisses.  You are adventurous, and love to explore new places and toys.  You are a quick learner, a curious child, and often determined.  You are, to me, a perfect manifestation of love.  Your dad and I were remarking recently that in addition to how much we've seen you learn and grow, we've been equally stretched and challenged.  We've grown in patience, and also in love.  I had no idea how having you in my life would change it, and how my capacity to love another human being would grow by leaps and bounds.  I love you Emily Bear!

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