Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Fifteen Months!

Dear Emily,

Oh my goodness, have you learned how to exploit your cuteness this month! You've always been adorable, but I think you are beginning to realize it just a little bit, and use it to get what you want. For example, if you want to go outside and play, you will walk up to me with your shoes, a huge smile, and a little bit of a gleam in your eye. Are you excited at the possibility of putting on your shoes AND getting to go "bye bye"? Absolutely. But, I think there's a little more to it than that.

Your ability to play is improving as well. You love peek-a-boo with great fervor. There are two forms of this game. The first involves me asking where Emily is and you putting your hands on your head (not over your eyes, but generally somewhere around your ears) as if this somehow hides you. Then you'll move them and wave them in the air in great dramatic fashion so I can proclaim "there she is"! The second way to play is if you can run around a corner to hide yourself from my view and then toddle back out. You love both versions equally. I also attempt patty cake with you, and you'll clap and slap my hands with some regularity, though not much rhythm at this point. You also usually start laughing hysterically, causing an onslaught of the hiccups which you always get when you laugh too hard.

Your eating has improved a good deal recently, and you have added cantaloupe, peaches, and pineapple to the fruits you will consume (a big improvement over just bananas). We're still working in the vegetables, but I'm thinking if I hide them in a bread or muffin, it might fool you. Zucchini bread perhaps? Or carrot muffins? And, the whining at mealtimes has also decreased as your signing has become impeccable. You initiate signs for more and all done with a good deal of consistency - I don't even have to prompt you by asking you if you want more, you just sign all by yourself.

Your communication is improving all the time. You know right where to go when we tell you it's time to change your diaper, take a bath, eat, etc. And you are saying uh-oh, baby, hi, ju (for juice), dada, and mama fairly clearly and regularly. You also say "uhn doo" a LOT, but I don't know what it means yet. We are starting to work on animal sounds, but so far almost every animal makes a monkey sound. Except for a lion, you can usually do the lion roar. And, we are also working on body parts a bit. You are very good at identifying eyes on your baby, and sometimes even on yourself when I ask you where Emily's eyes are, though sometimes you almost poke yourself.

The warmer weather seems to have improved your overall temperament a bit, and perhaps mine as well. I can't wait to enjoy the outside with you this spring and summer, and watch you assert your growing independence on the playground. You are fearless in new situations, and it makes me proud that you are a secure and happy little girl, but also terrified because I can glimpse the day when you will leave and not look back to make sure I'm still there, watching you.

I love you, Emily. I thank the Lord for His enormous blessing.



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  1. I look forward to the 2nd of every month because I know I will get to see new pictures of Emily.

    Love this site!

    Thanks Sarah and Eric.