Saturday, March 15, 2008

Irish Jig 2008

This morning I ran the Irish Jig 5k for the second time. It was a good race, and Emily brought two Sarahs along to drink coffee and cheer me on, which added to the fun. While Emily fell asleep in her baby bjorn, I mostly ran a relaxed race, except for the last mile when I tried to pick up the pace. I especially noticed that stretching beforehand helped a lot in staying loose. Go figure. I finished in 24:24, which I'm happy with considering I did only a few training runs. I also wasn't much slower than my time from two years ago of 23:50. At this rate of slowing down a little every two years, I'll be running a 5k in 39:25 when I'm 80. Not too bad for an old guy. I smell a first in my age group ribbon.

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