Thursday, July 12, 2007

Baby Update (16 weeks)

If my tummy is any indication, Baby Plantinga is continuing to grow and flourish in utero. Baby is now 16 weeks old, and should be about the size of one's hand (according to all the baby books we're reading), and I am now definitely wearing more maternity clothing, left with only a handful of pre-baby items that still fit.

The most exiting thing that Baby Plantinga has done recently is make his or her presence known to me. The other night I was laying awake in the middle of the night (after one of my MANY trips to the bathroom) and when I returned to bed, I'm pretty confident that I felt the baby move. It felt like a moth was trapped inside my tummy, moving around and trying to find its way out!

Also, we've decided to find out the gender of the baby, and we have an ultrasound scheduled for August 2nd, so you can expect another exiting update shortly after that appointment. Almost everyone who has made a guess thus far has said boy, and that has been my gut feeling throughout most of the pregnancy as well, but we'll soon find out for sure!

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